Clay Studio

Clay Studio

View of Lower Walls

We've built up the kiln walls, thus far.  You can see how the floor of the kiln fits flush when it is pushed all the way in.

Here's a view of the chimney going up with the back wall.  Every 4-5 rows, we tied the chimney in, by continuing the brick over into the wall, for added support.

Here's the back view of the kiln, with chimney.

Lower Layers of Walls

Note the detail work necessary to get a good fit on lower part of kiln.  We'll start to build the lower walls of kiln, then switch over to completing the door.  A hole was drilled in the steel to screw and bolt in a vertical steel rod that will run alongside the door in order to secure it in place, once it is up.

Once the first layers of brick have been layed, we pushed the car out of the kiln to start building up the lower walls.  Using insulating soft brick is quick to stack - no mortar!  Note where there are darker bricks above the burner ports.  Those are hard brick used for extra support.  You can also see where the angle iron tracks end inside the kiln.

Building Up The Walls

Now it's time to start building up the walls around the floor, while taking the chimney up at the same time.  While stacking the first rows of wall bricks, we had to continuously push the floor in and out to make sure it was a tight fit, and at the same time slide in and out, easily.  The walls are stacked with 2 layers of K26 insulating soft brick, and the chimney is built with K23's.  The chimney, or course does not get as hot as the kiln itself, so using K23's was a more affordable option.

Awaiting funding to continue

This is about as far as we've gotten!  I am now doing a fundraising campaign on  Here is the link to my campaign:

Any amount donated for this kiln project will be received with tremendous gratitude.
Another way you can help is to pass this word on to everyone you know!

Many thanks!